My pen and book stared at each other
The pen; expecting to be lowered on the book like a ladle into the pot
Not of shortage of words but deep within I was not satisfied with the adjectives.
Complete? No, I cancelled!
Extraordinary? Not all encompassing!
Impeccable? Not even enough!
Which adjective then could rightly describe the refiners?
Which adjective could describe custodians of human resources?

Teachers, they tirelessly refine human resources
Teachers, they are buried deep within their students’ refining
Shaping each life for sixteen years, sometimes even more
Not considering their low wages
Their low wages that is subordinate to that of their counterparts
Their counterparts who earn millions refining natural resources

Having a teacher by soul is one of the greatest gifts of a nation
They deserve to be appreciated not out of sympathy
But because they are worth more than we can ever know

     Written by: Blessed (Tabitha Home Kid)

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