Tabitha Home 5th Year Anniversary

The journey began in 2006 with Help initiative, a Non Governmental Organization with a mission to support vulnerable women and children; organizing programs and projects that alleviates their situations and promoting their positive transformation. However, the stigma and discrimination ascribe to orphans and vulnerable children has always been a concern for me.

The thoughts of having these children in a conducive environment with a viable learning structure for their well being kept popping up hence, Tabitha Home.

Alas we are 5 years already!

It’s been a journey of great challenge, determination, growth, difficulties but great success. A huge thank you to all our support system; family, friends, partners, donors, volunteers, it’s been a huge communal efforts and I appreciate you all.

And to Help initiative and Tabitha Home team; staff and children, you guys are the best, being on this journey with you has been very enjoyable and worthwhile.

Love you all❤❤

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  • Charles Uwakwe August 19, 2019 9:01 pm

    This innovative charitable initiative for the vulnerable and at-risk population in our society driven by the Founder’s vision and passion deserves very high commendation and support from people of goodwill. We shall DV continue to identify with the noble ideals.

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