Our Strategic Priorities

This involves the total well-being of the children beneficiaries including formal education, access to medical care, nutrition, emotional well-being, and physical growth.

This focuses on the beneficiaries' contribution to society and their view of how they fit into society without discrimination. This priority gives them the opportunity to participate in social competitions, Art and Craft events, access parks, and strategic places of history within the community. The beneficiaries' capacities are also built through consistent training in various aspects both within and outside the premises of Tabitha Home.

With a focus on business areas that are age-appropriate for the children. With the support from volunteers and summer training programs, this priority has a strong foundation. Our children are skilled in arts and crafts, catering, barbing, hair making, musical instruments, make-up as well as beading.

These three (3) priorities are the day-to-day focus that allows us to groom the children in the right direction.