International Women’s Day #breakthebias


While in junior secondary School, a teacher divided the class into four groups and a project was assigned with a deadline. Each group was asked to make a wall clock including the canvas needed and all components have to be fixed to make it functional. I was opportune to be the Team Lead. My group was made up of four boys and two girls. We had a lot of deliberation and arguments starting out as a team. This reason was because no one had an idea about how to go about it. All the equipment’s needed were technical related to engineering which was often regarded as a “man thing”. Even had a member of the team (a boy) say it to myself as a team lead.

The four boys started out exempting us the ladies to be onlookers and errand girls to pick and pass the equipment’s for them. Eventually, every part was fixed except for the long and short hand and also getting the clock to function. The boys tried getting it to work but it was fruitless and was abandoned with me as the team lead.

Surprisingly, after several attempts by myself, I screamed out loud. The clock had started ticking. Every member of the group was happy including the “run away” boys. I was even a motivation to the other groups.

If you would ask me, the summary of my story is centered on Gender Bias. Gender Bias is the preference for one gender over the other. This represents a huge loss of human potentials. A lot have suffered as a result of this, especially for girls which has led to having innovation taking time to exist.

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Ignorance has taken many more than they would have imagined.

There are several negative effects to this act. When it comes to career, some jobs are considered to be too masculine for a female and vice versa. They’re not allowed to engage, practice and pursue certain careers and jobs.  For example, the popular opinion is that engineering is meant for men with the excuse of not having the physical strength or in their words “muscle” for it. This has left such women to settle for lesser and available jobs and has led to increase in crime rate.

Another effect is the emotional and psychological disorder in teenage girls and adults. When a girl is deprived of participating in some activities of their interest, it can cause them to be unstable emotionally and therefore withdraw easily from everyone and everything.

Also, it causes a girl to less independent. Such girls won’t be able to act or make decisions independently. She has to rely on others for everything she needs.

With this, Gender Bias spreads wildly round the world. I believe the responsibility of curbing this demeaning act has to be on everybody. The change we desire starts with us. People should be oriented on the importance of granting equal access to both gender. Starting from the family, society and even down to the government. Everyone should be allowed to move out of their comfort zone and explore their worlds.

Also, there should be rehabilitation for victims who can then also serve as an advocate for gender equality.


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