From the founder’s desk

It’s my pleasure and delight to express my profound gratitude to members of Board Tabitha Home, our Partners, Donors, Friends and Well-Wishers for being consistent and relentless in supporting the projects of Tabitha Home. I recognize the efforts of staff members and volunteers in attaining the goals of the organization despite the COVID19 Pandemic . Indeed, the era has been challenging; however, it gave us a platform to re-strategize with active engagement virtually and physically.

Also, I am glad to announce on this medium that Tabitha Home is vetted and recognized as a Top-Ranked organization by Global Giving. This has given us the platform to enlarge our network and enhance our contributions towards the social development of our environment and the nation at large.

Our Vision for Tabitha Home “making children smile again” reflects on our improved inputs and outputs which is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Tabitha Home is built on the true spirit of investing in lives through the 6+ support of education, medical, rehabilitation, protection, shelter, food & Nutrition and psychosocial support. We believe that our success story is the growth and development of our beneficiaries. we are convinced that our resilience will push us further to attaining major goals and sustainable outcomes for our strategic priorities.

Our activities in Tabitha Home is continuous and functional; this is proof that all collaboration with us in different capacity is highly appreciated at all times.

Thank you.


Our vision

is to “secure a great future for vulnerable children” while our mission is “making kids smile again ”.