From the founder’s desk

It’s my pleasure and delight to express through this medium my profound gratitude to members of Board Tabitha Home, our Partners, Donors, Friends and well-wishers for their consistent support and love towards the Home. Tabitha Home is one of the projects of Help Initiative (an NGO that supports vulnerable women and children). Tabitha Home was born out of the desire and zeal to erase the stigma attached to vulnerable children, raising them to become outstanding and confident children.

The past years have been full of challenges but glory to God Almighty we have surmounted them all, coming out more confident, determined, stronger and passionate to rehabilitate abused, neglected, abandoned and helpless children; I see this as a significant and important task for all of us to do.

It has been a great pleasure for us seeing young people coming over to the home to volunteer to teach the children at home lessons and also volunteer at the weekly Kid’s Club event. We feel so proud and grateful seeing young innovators like Aunty Lanre Initiative and Make a Child Smile Initiative coming in with different ideas for the children, all to enhance their capacities. We are confident that all these acts please God.


Our vision

is to “secure a great future for vulnerable children” while our mission is “making kids smile again ”.

For me personally, it’s a reminder that the generation after us are more compassionate than we are and definitely there is hope for our country Nigeria.My take on raising orphans and vulnerable children is very simple, if we have you and I around why should there be vulnerable children roaming around the streets helplessly? The harvest is large but the labourers are few. However, as large as the harvest is, we need to act now by doing our bit to support mother Theresa’s view ‘’if you cannot feed a thousand, feed one’’.

We are grateful to God for the provision of Tabitha Home extension by International Christian Centre, Redeem Christian Church of God, Chadwell Health, UK.  This has enable us to occupy the entire building of the rented apartment at No 2 Kole Drive, Joyce b road Ibadan, Oyo state. With this expansion we have been able to take in more children, all settled in comfortable rooms and conducive environment. By the special Grace of God, we hope to eventually acquire our own property.

We appreciate all our visitors to the home, children from Nursery, Primary, Secondary School and Youth Corpers, within Ibadan who come to visit Tabitha home, it’s always a great sight to see young people interested in matters that concerns the less privileged.

We specially appreciate our past and present volunteers as they continually find time to come around to spend time with the children. Notable for last year were Tunji Oyewusi and Anu Odusanya who were the volunteers for the year 2015, while Anu helped with home activities, Tunji teaches the children music and choreography.This year we are pleased to announce Kenny Ibrahim and Fisayo Adebanjo as the volunteers of the year 2016.

The two in the last couple of months have demonstrated a sense of diligence and commitment towards mentoring and tutoring the children at home lessons, Kid’s club and other events at the home.

We use this opportunity to thank all our Educational sponsors, our magnanimous donors and friends for their investment in Tabitha Home. We pray that God bless you and meet all your needs. For the purpose of confidentiality, we cannot mention individual names; the Lord that sees in secret knows you and will surely bless you in return.

We cannot but mention the constant support from Christ Living Apostolic Ministry [CLAM] Ojodu Lagos, International Christian Centre, Redeem Christian Church of God, Chadwell Health, UK, Mercy Seat Chapel, Redeem Christian Church of God, Washington, U.S.A., Dansol High School, Lagos, Rack Shelves Ibadan, Ibadan International School (IIS), New Covenant Church, Ring road Ibadan, Queen quest cakes, Ibadan, Mofopefoluwa Olivia Foundation, Ibadan, Kingdom Ideas, Ibadan and other well-meaning Nigerians for their continuous support. Thank you as always, may the Lord replenish you.What we do in Tabitha Home is continuous and functional; we consistently need people for the smooth running of the home. As much as we need funding and other resources we also need man power which comes from volunteering time, good ideas and executing them.

We need a bus to take our children to school and also to commute us around for the running of the home. We believe that together everyone achieves more. We have an account for this purpose and the details can be found in our projects section and would appreciate donations in any amount. God will reward you abundantly.Our dreams are big and our hopes are high. We look forward to rehabilitating as many children as we can, bringing them up by God’s standards, with the right values, raising them up to become children of honour and integrity, able to compete with their peers anywhere in the world. It gladdens my heart whenever we bring in children malnourished, sad, hopeless and weak and within days and weeks they are transformed into healthy, confident, intelligent and happy children. Many times I have watched Tabitha home children at home and other social events where their performance receives loud ovation. I cannot but marvel at the power of love through transformation of which I call ‘’Love in Raw form’’

I therefore challenge, motivate, invite and encourage all of us to be part of this great work and dream that we believe will ultimately rescue many children from street begging, child abuse, homelessness, child labour and other frustrating situations that orphans and vulnerable children helplessly go through. The journeys of a thousand years starts somewhere, let us join and continue with this noble effort. We invite our friends to visit us; the home, the children, staff and the environment are a great sights to behold, it’s truly a place to be,  you can come in for your celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries and other events, seeing the children, watching them laugh, their looks of  love and appreciation touches the heart.

We use this opportunity to introduce our monthly event; celebrity volunteering, an event that showcases successful individuals who have shown exemplary qualities in different fields. This idea is to enable the children associate themselves with good deeds, values and norms, and also an opportunity to create awareness of what we do in Tabitha Home. We will appreciate suggestions on the above. We also appeal to all our friends for their continuous commitment to what we do in Tabitha Home as they attend our programmes, give donations and continue to be part of what we do. Your presence is important to us and we appreciate you at all times.

 Febisola Okonkwo (Director)