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This project is Inspired by the sad reality of a growing number of the less privileged, neglected, indigents, orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria. Tabitha Home gives these children (whose vulnerabilities ranges from Neglect, Lack of Basic Needs, Sexual and Physical Abuse) access to all deserving rights and needs of children like Shelter, Nutrition, Psychosocial Support, Education, Medical, Protection, Rehabilitation, Child development, Social Integration and Sustainable Entrepreneurship.Challenge

In Nigeria, there are growing number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children. These children are faced with life threatening situations like street life, neglect, medical and unhygienic conditions, homelessness, malnutrition, sexual, emotional and physical abuse. These conditions have adverse effect and negative consequences to the society as it exposes the children to death, unhealthy lifestyle and social vices.


Tabitha Home focuses on the total well being and development of the children. We transform and rehabilitate vulnerable children; giving them access to basic needs, an atmosphere of love to enhance their childhood, formal and informal education, a sense of belonging through proper social inclusion and education on Child’s rights needed for protection. We have a committed team of trained professionals playing roles on administration, psychosocial, care giving and medical.