The project which targeted non-residential beneficiaries in the rural area of Kobomeje, Idi-Arere Community Ibadan, Nigeria kicked off on Friday, February 12, 2021.

Number of Beneficiaries: Three Hundred and Forty Three (343)

Age Group: 8 years to 15 years

The main objective of this project is to enhance the literacy, life skills and talents of the non-residential beneficiaries at the rural area; giving them the platform to see beyond the life they know and explore positive opportunities needed for their development. To attain an effective and safe project, the project was in sessions and in three (3) phases;

Phase 1 (12th February, 2021) – This was an introductory session. The beneficiaries and the community leaders were intimated on the purpose, plans, processes and COVID19 precautions; this is to attain effectively the objectives of the project while maintaining a safe environment .Phase 2 (19th February, 2021) – The facilitators who consist of the staff members and volunteers presented a demonstrative drama (for effective teaching) and short teaching session on Self Esteem and Hygiene citing COVID19 pandemic. The beneficiaries engaged in role play and answered questions on the topics. Prizes were awarded to active beneficiary as a method of reward system. The beneficiaries also participated in other fun activities as they connected with their teachers and the team of staff members and volunteers..Phase 3 (24th February, 2021) – Spelling Bee Competition took place. The competition was amongst the beneficiaries; ten (10) contestants qualified for the competition whereas four (4) made it to the final stage. There were consolation prizes, prizes for the active audience and prizes for the winner and runner up.

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