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The harvest is large but the labourers are few !

However, as large as the harvest is, we need to act now by doing our bit to support mother Theresa’s view ‘’if you cannot feed a thousand, feed one’’.


Meet the Founder

It’s my pleasure and delight to express through this medium my profound gratitude to members of Board Tabitha Home, our Partners!


Kid’s club

Tabitha Home Kid’s club is a social club which encourages children to be expressive through songs, play, choreography.


Our Photo Gallery

Enjoy scrolling through our photo gallery, and then give us a call if you are interested in being a sponsor or a Donor

Our Tabitha Home Proposed Building Project

Tabitha Home is a residential and supported housing service that caters to the needs of orphans and vulnerable ...

  1. Hair Cream
  2. Body Cream
  3. Air-fresheners
  4. Medicated Soap
  5. Powder
  6. Toothpastes/Tooth brushes
  7. Towels
  8. Pants / Bra / Boxers Short
  9. Singlet/Vest/Camisole
  10. Bed- Double bunk
  11. Bed sheets / Pillow Cases
  12. Mattresses
  13. Rubber Slippers (Large/Medium)
  14. Detergents
  15. Powdered Milk/Liquid Milk
  16. Sugar
  17. Milo / Bournvita
  18. Toiletries / Toilet Rolls / Toilet Soaps
  19. Corn Flakes / Custard
  20. Disinfectants
  21. Soaps/Sanitary Towels
  22. Clothings - (Useful and aproppriate ones)
  23. School Bus
  24. School Bags
  25. Books
  26. Black Shoes for Boys & Girls (various sizes)
  27. Socks
  28. Home lesson volunteers or equivalent of funds for lesson teachers
  29. Shelves
  30. Chairs
  31. Reading Tables
  32. Computers /Laptop
  33. Inspirational Books

School Needs

Library Needs

Food Stuff

Rice, Beans, Garri, :Yam Flour (Amala) Semovita, yams, Eggs, Plantain, Spagetti,
Yams ,Cooking oil (vegetable oil and Red oil), Indomie Noodles, Curry, Thyme,
Seasonings, Cooking Salt, Tin Tomatoes,Chicken,Meat,Fish, Sweet Corn etc.


Stove (big size)
Plastic Plates / Cups / Spoons / Knives
Cooking Pots / Frying Pans / Large Spoons & Charcoal /Cooking Gas/Electric Non Electric Kettle


The focus is to rehabilitate and transform the children to lead fulfilling lives and have a positive future.


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